Watershed Management

APDES Permit


2017 Annual Report

Read our 2017 APDES Annual Report for more detailed information about the permit and actions taken to meet permit requirements. The 2017 Annual Report was submitted to the Alaska Department of Conservation on February 15th, 2018.


2017 APDES Annual Report 309 KB
2017 APDES Annual Report Certification Documents 4 MB


App A1 2017 SWMP Update 439 KB
App A2a 2017 ARDSA MS4 Summary 28 KB
App A2b 2017 CBERRRSA MS4 Summary 62 KB
App A2c 2017 GSA MS4 Summary 71 KB
App A2d 2017_ADOT MS4_Summary 83 KB
App B1 ADOT Construction Projects Reviewed and Approved 70 KB
App B2 ADOT OMalley Rd Non-allowable Discharge Report 4 MB
App E1a 2017 CBERRRSA SOP Updates 221 KB
App E1b 2017 GSA SOP Updates 1.5 MB
App E2 2017 ADOT&PF Street Sweeping Report 2.5 MB
App E3 2017 MOA Street Sweeping Report 15 MB
App E4 2017 MOA Pesticide Use 1.7 MB
App E5a 2017 ADOT Facility SWPPP Inspections 7.2 MB
App E5b 2017 ARDSA Facility SWPPP Inpection Reports 100 MB
App E5c 2017 CBERRRSA SWPPP Inspection Reports 24 MB
App F1 2017 Prohibited Discharge Complaints Map 221 KB
App F2 2017 Dry Weather Screening Report 32 MB
App G1 2017 Education Summary Report 72 MB
App G2 2017 Annual Meeting 5 MB
App G3 2017 Semiannual Meeting Summaries 122 KB
App H1 2017 Snow Site Monitoring Data Report 1.3 MB
App H2 2017 Stormwater Outfall Monitoring Report 21 MB
App H3 2017 SWM07 Outfall Investigation Report 2 MB
App H4 2018 QAP & Monitoring Plan Appendix C Snow Site Retrofit Monitoring Plan 882 KB