Watershed Management

Geospatial Data

This page includes all tabular or spatial information (and its metadata) that has undergone quality control review but that otherwise reflects un-interpreted observations. Data, in this sense is often published by Watershed Management as formatted tables or compiled map views in text documents so that much of this type of information is accessible in a condensed form simply by searching Watershed Management document archives.

Geospatial Data currently includes marine shoreline, watersheds, drainageways, streams, wetlands and lakes features. These are archived and maintained in a geodatabase as core Municipal enterprise-level hydrography data.

The 2008 version of core Municipal digital hydrography along with detailed metadata are available directly from this site as zipped ESRI shape files in both NAD27 and NAD83 projections. Requests for the complete MOA hydrography geodatabase or for the latest mapping updates (WMS ‘beta’ files) should be made to WMS or Technical Services. Requests for a complete set of corporate geospatial data (including basic geographic mapping and other feature classes) should be directed to the Municipal Information Technology Department.

Marine Features

Depicts Municipal coastal features including a Marine Shoreline, Mean Low water Line and Coastal Boundary type polylines, and Marine Water, Mudflats, Coastland, Marine Island and Coastal Stream type polygon features. Features conform to NOAA and CGS definitions and were built at a large scale (1:2400) using national tidal digital data, and local elevation and orthoimagery digital data.

NAD27 Data: e08mmarine.zip (2.56 MB)

NAD83 Data: e08mmarine_nad83.zip (1.7 MB)

NAD27 Metadata: moamarinemeta.pdf (859.61 KB)

NAD83 Metadata: moamarinemeta_nad83.pdf (859.6 KB)

MOA Watersheds Features

Depicts Municipal Watershed, Subwatershed, Drainage, Composite, Remnant and Other type polygon features. MOA watershed features conform to national NHD definitions but were built to specifically meet local storm water management business needs. Features were mapped at a large scale (1:2400) using local elevation and drainageway digital data, stereo photo models, and field checking.

NAD27 Data: e08mwsheds.zip (1.5 MB)

NAD83 Data: e08mwsheds_nad83.zip (1.12 MB)

NAD27 Metadata: moawshedsmeta.pdf (173.81 KB)

NAD83 Metadata: moawshedsmeta_nad83.pdf (173.81 KB)

MOA Wetlands Features

Depicts land surfaces having wetland characteristics and includes both freshwater and intertidal features mapped by the Municipality. Features are identified relative to 1996 Anchorage Wetlands Management Plan (AWMP) mapping and include a wide range of attribution including AWMP wetland ‘designation’ and functional valuations.

NAD27 Data: e08mwetlnds.zip (1.42 MB)

NAD83 Data: e08mwetlnds_nad83.zip (1.07 MB)

NAD27 Metadata: moawetlandsmeta.pdf (140.04 KB)

NAD83 Metadata: moawetlandsmeta_nad83.pdf (140.04 KB)

MOA Lakes Features

Depicts all open water lake-type features mapped or identified by the Municipality. Lake features are also included in the Municipality’s wetlands dataset as Open Water features.

NAD27 Data: e08mlakes.zip (276.54 KB)

NAD83 Data: e08mlakes_nad83.zip (214.13 KB)

NAD27 Metadata: moalakesmeta.pdf (186.6 KB)

NAD83 Metadata: moalakesmeta_nad83.pdf (186.59 KB)

MOA Streams Features

Depicts stream features mapped by the WMS at large scale (1:2400) using stereo photo inspection, orthoimagery, and field checking including use of global positioning system (GPS) mapping tools. In urbanized areas all MOA stream features are mapped including lower order headwater streams, with most mapped features achieving a high location accuracy. Many Municipally-mapped streams have also been assessed in the field by WMS staff for a suite of geometric and morphologic characteristics critical to natural resources planning, storm water management and engineering design. MOA stream features are segmented into Reaches and Subreaches to carry this field attribution information. Because MOA stream features are defined as physical extensions of MOA-mapped drainageway features (constructed and natural) and carry a critical array of spatially distributed attribute data, combined MOA streams and drainageways mapping provides a very robust system for drainage and water quality analysis and modeling.

NAD27 Data: e08mstreams.zip (1.04 MB)

NAD83 Data: e08mstreams_nad83.zip (807.57 KB)

NAD27 Metadata: moastreamsmeta.pdf (185.39 KB)

NAD83 Metadata: moastreamsmeta_nad83.pdf (185.4 KB)

Legacy Streams Features

Depicts Anchorage-vicinity watercourse features identified as streams by others but that have not been field mapped by MOA Watershed Management Services or otherwise checked for conformity with Municipal stream mapping criteria and standards. This dataset is edge-matched to MOAStreams and when viewed in combination with Municipal streams mapping, will provide a complete digital representation of stream features within the Municipal corporate boundaries.

NAD27 Data: legacystreams_nad27.zip (1.45 MB)

NAD83 Data: legacystreams_nad83.zip (1.19 MB)

NAD27 Metadata: legacystreamsmeta.pdf (1.22 KB)

NAD83 Metadata: legacystreamsmeta_nad83.pdf (1.22 KB)


NAD83 Data: e08moadrngwys_nad83.zip (2.06 MB)

Drainageway Nodes

NAD83 Data: e08moadwysnodes_nad83.zip (602.78 KB)

Subdrainage Basins

NAD83 Data: e08moasubdbasins_nad83.zip (1.26 MB)