Watershed Management

APDES Permit

2020 Annual Report

Read our 2020 APDES Annual Report for more detailed information about the permit and actions taken to meet permit requirements. The 2020 Annual Report was submitted to the Alaska Department of Conservation on February 15, 2021.


2020 APDES Annual Report 637 KB
2020 APDES Annual Report Certification Documents 1.4 MB


App A1 Fourth Term Storm Water Management Plan   572 KB
App A2 Fourth Term Interjurisdictional Agreement between MOA & DOT&PF 484 KB
App A3 Fourth Term Coordination Plans 15.6 MB
App A4a 2020 DOT&PF MS4 Summary  5.2 MB
App A4b 2020 ARDSA MS4 Summary 255 KB
App A4c 2020 CBERRRSA MS4 Summary 243 KB
App A4d 2020 GSA Summary 222 KB
App B1 2020 Construction Projects Reviewed and Approved by DOT&PF 87 KB
App B2 Fourth Term Escalating Enforcement MOA 192 KB
App B3 2020 DOT Construction Discharge Report 4.8 MB
App B4 2020 DOT Construction Compliance Inspections 48.6 MB
App B5 2020 CESCL Extension   130 KB
App E1a DOT&PF Rate of Fill Cleaning Schedules 577 KB
App E1b ARDSA Rate of Fill Cleaning Schedules 5.1 MB
App E2 Fourth Term Street Sweeping Plan DOT&PF 2.9 MB
App E3 Fourth Term Street Sweeping Plan MOA 4.5 MB
App E4 2020 MS4 Street Sweeping Report DOT&PF 4.6 MB
App E5 2020 MS4 Street Sweeping Report MOA 4.4 MB
App E6 2020 MOA Pesticide Application Summary 1.6 MB
App E7a 2020 DOT&PF Facility SWPPP Inspection Reports 1.7 MB
App E7b 2020 ARDSA Facility SWPPP Inspection Reports 22 MB
App E7c 2020 CBERRRSA Facility SWPPP Inspection Reports 1.4 MB
App E7d 2020 Girdwood Facility SWPPP Inspection Reports 219 KB
App F1 2020 Anchorage Prohibited Discharge Complaint Map 800 KB
App F2 2020 Dry Weather Screening Report 109 MB
App G1 2020 Education Summary Report 31 MB
App G2 2020 Watershed Perception Survey 2.4 MB
App G3 2020 Anchorage APDES Annual Meeting Summary 17.6 MB
App G4 2020 Anchorage APDES Bi-annual Meeting Summaries 197 KB
App H1 2020 QAP Update 9.8 MB
App H2 2020 Stormwater Outfall Monitoring Report 52 MB