Watershed Management

MOA Wetlands Atlas, 2008 Edition

The 2008 MOA Wetlands Atlas depicts known freshwater wetland features within the corporate boundaries of the Municipality shown on an orthophoto base and in context with a range of other geographic features. Note that mapping is intended only to be generally representative. Atlas content reflects only that information available at the time of publication and does not supplant any need for map users to confirm and map actual site conditions on the ground. Map pages available from this site have been resampled to speed downloading. Print-ready files are available in a 2-CD set and may be purchased from WMS.

Note: Click the thumbnail index sheet above, click again to zoom-in to the Atlas and identify the two-digit map number of your area of interest. (The index page can also be downloaded and opened directly from the list below.) Use the map number to select and open the map page from the list below.